Cara Delevingne is possibly one of the hottest and cheekiest models strutting her stuff down the cat walk at the moment. She is young, confident and fresh faced with eye brows that have made us normal civilians green with envy.


Cara Delevingne is the “it” girl who has turned the eye brow trend upside down and on its head.  We seem to no longer be seeking tightly, penciled manicured brows. It seems that many of us are now lusting after her thick, untamed, bushy browscape.


Thankfully here in Singapore (and across eight other countries) we have a one stop brow and lash grooming salon called Browhaus, who are totally across this trend.


Profiling Glam approached Browhaus to ask them for their expert opinion on how one can best achieve the Cara eyebrow.


Do you think more woman have started to jump on the thick brow bandwagon?


Eyebrows have definitely been trending towards the fuller, more-natural look in recent years. We have seen an increase in requests for bolder brows made popular by celebrity models like Cara Delevingne as well as numerous Korean celebs.


So how do you achieve the Cara brow?


For starters, you’ll need to be pretty well-endowed in the eyebrow department because penciling on the Cara brow will only result in it looking artificial. If you’re already blessed with lush brows, all you’ll need is some minor threading or tweezing of the stray hairs so you look neat and groomed. Going a shade darker will also make your brows look bolder, so you can consider a Color Tweak treatment to make your brows pop. If your brows are of the thinner variety, you may not be able to achieve brows exactly like Cara’s but you can have thicker and fuller-looking brows with Browhaus’ signature Brow Resurrection treatment. A semi-permanent service, Brow Resurrection uses pure vegetable dye to etch realistic hair-like strands to give the illusion of natural life-like brows and offers results that last up to 2 years! Choose from BR2.4 for a more defined finish, or BR2.5 for a more natural look.


If someone currently shapes their brow a little thinner, can they go thicker?


You will have to wait about 3-4 weeks for them to grow back to their fuller state before our Browhaus therapist can shape them professionally for you. For a more immediate solution for thin brows and brows with gaps, we recommend using a good quality brow powder for a more natural look, or a brow pencil to draw in the strands. Always use light, feathery strokes and follow the direction of hair growth when filling in your brows. Alternatively, you can hasten the process of growing out your brows by using Extend, Browhaus’ proprietary lash and brow growth serum. Apply a thin layer every night and you should be able to see results in as quickly as 2 weeks!


How can someone achieve this thicker, bolder slightly bushier brow?

If you’re lucky and born with full brows like Cara, you can go for Browgraphy, a dual-treatment where your brows first shaped, then given more definition by having their colour tweaked. Go 1-2 shades darker to really draw attention to your brows, or you can always opt for a semi-permanent solution like Brow Resurrection (see Q3). Using Browhaus’ very own Extend lash and brow serum will also help you in achieving thicker hair growth for your brows.


Besides shaping the brow, are there any products or tints that can also be used to help someone achieve this look?


Take your brows to the next level with Browhaus’ all-in-one Browgraphy treatment, which pair’s brow shaping with color tweak, to give you you perfectly groomed arches that match your hair color and skin tone as well.


Is it time to kiss good bye the thin pencil brow?


Right now, it’s looking very much like it, but like fashion, you never really know if the 1920′s Clara Bow look will be come back in trend. If in doubt, you can always speak to our trained Browhaus therapists, and they should be able to advise you on the best type of brows for your face.


Feel free to head to the Browhaus website to find out more information or to book an appointment with one of their many trained professionals.