This is an incredibly simple hair-do that you can certainly achieve on your own. It suits medium to short fine hair. However if you have longer and thicker hair, it is still possible to create this look, you may just need a few extra pins.

You will need:

  • hair elastic
  • mousse
  • hairspray
  • pins
Four easy steps to create the low fold knot..

Four easy steps to create the low fold knot..





















Step 1:

Add a dollop of mousse to the palm of your hand and run this through your hair. Then blow dry hair straight.  If you have curly hair, you may need to run the straightening iron through it

Step 2:

Part hair in the middle (you can also part hair on the side if you prefer) and tie hair back into a tight pony tail. Use hairspray to stick hair into place.

Step 3:

Using a section of hair from the pony tail, wrap this around the hair elastic for a tidy finish. You may need to add more mousse to this section of hair so it sticks together.

Step 4:

Run mousse through the remaining pony tail and then fold the hair underneath and hold it in place with pins. Give everything a light spray to hold in place.



Hair Styling: Andy Razali



Instagram: @andyrazali