You’re an anchor woman for Fox Sports, a model and a blogger.  Were you always interested in a career in the limelight?

For me it’s never been about the limelight, but rather keen journalistic interest – I love listening to other people’s stories and telling my own. I really enjoy working with a camera crew, but also take pleasure in writing articles as well.

Greece and margaret

Yvette with “Shine By Three” blogger, Margaret Zhang & Yvette holidaying in Greece



You have crystal clear skin, tell us about your beauty regime and how to keep your skin looking so fresh and dewy?

My skin is under so much stress. I host a daily show on weekdays and shoot most weekends so my face is covered in dense powder for TV! In addition to this, there’s all the mascara, eye shadow, lipstick etc. Plus I also travel a lot, which again puts my skin under strain and dehydrates it. As a result, my skincare regime is so important, as I believe makeup can only do so much – you have to protect and nourish your skin.

I start my daily regime with a Dermalogica cleanser and use the exfoliating version once a week to remove the build-up and dead skin cells. I then tone using a product with glycolic called Environ and apply a BB cream or light foundation with moisturiser.

Part of Yvette's Beauty Regime

Part of Yvette’s Beauty Regime


In the evenings I always ensure I remove my makeup no matter how tired I am. Then I cleanse with Dermalogica special cleansing gel again and moisturise with a dense night cream – I avoid products with oil in the ingredients as I’m prone to small break outs, skin irritations and hives. I add eye cream as well. Right now I’m using NARS for my night cream and Estee Lauder for my eye cream. I tend to mix this up after I’ve finished the product and try new brands.

 I always extend my beauty regime from my neck to my décolletage and chest. In addition to this, I rub the remnants of my night creams into my hands. You can have the most youthful face, but your neck and hands will give your age away!

I also try and get a facial once a month (this doesn’t always happen with my schedule but it’s so worth it!). I go to Touche and get a collagen facial and extraction. I would rather the beautician remove any spots with sterile equipment than enflame a blemish myself- as much as I would love to!


What is your favourite beauty product?

It’s hard to commit to one. I love a strong brow so Benefit’s Brow zings is great. I also love Chanel foundation right now. I need a good lip moisturiser on hand at all times so PaPaw Ointment from Australia is perfect.


You never leave the house without….?

Phone. Wallet. Lip balm. Lipstick. Small foundation compact. Celine sunglasses.



Favourite celebrity you have worked with?

Ummm Naomi Campbell! Iconic and intimidating but sublime. I was lucky enough to interview her for Digital Fashion Week 2013.

Yvette with her beloved pug Kingsley & Yvette interviewing Naomi Campbell

Yvette with her beloved pug Kingsley & Yvette interviewing Naomi Campbell


Favourite it girl?

Jane Birkin. She’ll always be an It Girl… And perhaps she was the first?


The handbag you’re currently lusting over?

Chanel 2.55 in Caviar – classic. For right now – a taupe Meli Melo satchel.

Yvette is currently lusting after the Chanel 2.55 Caviar bag & the Meli Melo clutch in Taupe

Yvette is currently lusting after the Chanel 2.55 Caviar bag & the Meli Melo clutch in Taupe

When you’re not working you wear….?

Likely a shift dress and sandals carrying a large tote with a top knot hair bun!


Have you ever had a funny model moment?  Explain?

When a makeup artist mistook my mole (beauty spot!) for a pimple… Really???



Your perfect workout is?

Less than 20 minutes and a mix of cardio, light weights and floor work. I force myself to do squats too!


Your ideal interior design style is….?

This is varied. I appreciate many styles but I do love French contemporary at the moment. Imagine a Parisian apartment with wooden floor boards, wall moulding, high ceilings, window plants and a huge bed… and that is my dream.


What are you reading at the moment?

The Power Book. I just finished The Wolf of Wall Street.


What was the last song you downloaded?

Some songs from The Presets and Empire of the Sun – love Aussie electro.


If you could invite anyone over for dinner who would it be?

Victoria and David Beckham – each successful in their own right, travelling the world, raising a troupe of apparently very polite kids… I would love to get their advice how you can have it all!


Yvette King


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